Linktresting: Content worth Your Time

chainAnother week; another bunch of seemingly random links:

  • Jack Conte, Pomplamoose/Patreon – I’m a big fan of Pomplamoose and Jack’s video creations (Bay-love). Here’s Jack’s presentation at the XOXO Festival talking about being a creative, staying inspired, productive and making a living at it.
  • 5 Editing Tips for Music Videos – aimed at those making music videos but a lot of good tips you can apply to just about any video production work.
  • 22 Ways to Get You Out of Your Funk – if you’re a creative and you haven’t been in a funk, then I envy you.
  • Lightroom for the iPad – I love LR for my still work and can’t wait to take this new, mobile option out for a spin.
  • Making a Storm – making weather on set can get pretty expensive. Here’s an article on making it rain that’s more in line with a guerrilla filmmaker’s budget.
  • Crazy camera trick takes the Hitchcock zoom to a whole new LSD level – crazy effect if you happen to have a slit camera in your arsenal. Worth seeing just for the eye candy if you don’t.
  • DIY Camera Cart – worthwhile project if you’re going to be somewhere on set for a while.
  • Ode to (21st Century) Cinematographers – more eye candy.
  • Premiere Pro Techniques (CS6 & above) – I just stumbled on these great tutorials from Andrew Devis. Well worth your time if you’re in need of a little schooling.
  • The Art of Color-Correction – good presentation to have bookmarked so you can send to lay-people who ask too many questions.

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Inspired: This Is a Generic Brand Video

This is a great parody of the corporate video we’re all trying to avoid making, but every C-level executive wants to see. It’s full of great stock footage and made by a stock footage firm to demonstrate how meaningless stock footage can be. Hmmm. Not sure about that as a business practice but it certainly is smart and funny.

Linktresting: Content Worth Your Time

chainThe internet is full of opinions, tips and inspirations for filmmakers but not all of them are worth your time. Here’s some that I think are:

Love this comic strip! There are a few managers and executives I’m so tempted to send this to. Check out for more hilarity.


Inspired: Spotify for iPad

I’ve lost count of the number of meetings I’ve been in to discus mobile product demonstration videos when I realized that the client just wanted a cheap clone of the early Apple iPhone and iPad videos. Yes, those ones with the jingly, jangly guitar and simple piano music and After Effects faked product and even phoney finger interactions. Everyone who knows nothing still wants that. I try to sell a more modern POV aesthetic with the app being present in real environments but it is a difficult sale. After all, if it’s how Apple sold a million iPhones my clients want it.

I love how this video begins with that old Apple style product video, before putting on the brakes, shifting gears and then cranking up the NOS. If you want to show your client the difference, this is the video to show them. Of course, it helps if you have Spotify’s budget for the soundtrack but it is inspiring nonetheless.

Linktresting: Content Worth Your Time

chainLooking for content worth your time? Look no further:


Inspired: Look Inside – Jack Andraka

INTEL “LOOK INSIDE” JACK ANDRAKA. from Dana Shaw on Vimeo.

Exactly how much story can you tell in 2 minutes? Surely it’s not enough time for time-shifted, instead of telling a simple, linear, story. Due to the time constraints you’ll have to resort to telling, not showing won’t you?

… this short from Intel’s “Look Inside” proves everything you think you know about short-form story-telling wrong. In two minutes it tells a complex story, plays with time, engages you emotionally and has amazing visuals. In fact, the majority of the story is told in 1 minute 35 seconds; the rest is Intel branding and wrapped around some supporting text and figures. It proves that you don’t have to dumb-down the message, or your approach, just to fit in the time available. If you can tell stories like this, 2 minutes is plenty of time.

3 Styles of Corporate Video (Part 2 of 2)

Done for the Day

[Part 2 of 2]

In part 1, I talked about the 11 categories of corporate videos that I see on YouTube. I often see people confusing types of videos with styles of video.  Animation, for example, is not a category of video but a style. The animation style is better suited to certain types of videos (explainer and overview videos) than others (I haven’t seen animation used in customer testimonials before) but it is best to separate the two. When you are tasked to create a type of video, you should then look for the style that is best suited to that: working the other way around is putting the cart before the horse. When you ask a client what kind of video they want to make, and they answer “Something animated” you need to cut to the type of video they really want before you get to the medium to render that message. You can also use a combination of styles: elements of screencast, animation and live action are often all blended together in overview videos, with high production values.
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