The Other Martin Taylor, taken by Patti Taylor

The Corporate Guerrilla Video site is created by the other Martin Taylor. Martin is a Lancashire lad born at the tail end of the 60’s. The two claims to fame of Martin’s home town are:

  • Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame is also from there
  • Dickens based the town in Hard Times on it.

Through his teens, Martin’s passion was photography, but he was persuaded by authority figures in his life not to pursue it as a degree or career. As the 80’s faded into the 90’s Martin found himself with a degree in English literature and no clue what he wanted to do if he couldn’t make photographs. Somehow he stumbled into computer programming, which led him to accidentally emigrating to California in 1995, when his American employer reeled him in to their headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Martin continued to pursue photography to a reasonably high level, especially when digital democratized the process at the turn of the Millennium. But it was his purchase of the Canon 5D mkII which switched him on to video. He already a competent  photographer so how hard could it be?

At work, Martin started to get drafted to be an unofficial photographer and video maker, usually when there was no time or budget to use a ‘real‘ professional. He learned how to get things done when time and money were tight, or non-existent.  After a couple of decades of being a code monkey, he was asked to switch focus and become a multimedia creator, and to also teach others how to create video, audio and stills.

It has been a long time coming but Martin is now doing professionally what he always wanted to. He enjoys taking the guerrilla low, or no-budget, philosophy and applying it in the corporate world. Even more than that, Martin enjoys teaching people how to be creative, corporate subversives themselves. Martin wants to take away the fear people have for trying to create video for themselves.

Martin lives in a quiet, foggy and un-hip corner of San Francisco.