chainAnother week; another bunch of seemingly random links:

  • Jack Conte, Pomplamoose/Patreon – I’m a big fan of Pomplamoose and Jack’s video creations (Bay-love). Here’s Jack’s presentation at the XOXO Festival talking about being a creative, staying inspired, productive and making a living at it.
  • 5 Editing Tips for Music Videos – aimed at those making music videos but a lot of good tips you can apply to just about any video production work.
  • 22 Ways to Get You Out of Your Funk – if you’re a creative and you haven’t been in a funk, then I envy you.
  • Lightroom for the iPad – I love LR for my still work and can’t wait to take this new, mobile option out for a spin.
  • Making a Storm – making weather on set can get pretty expensive. Here’s an article on making it rain that’s more in line with a guerrilla filmmaker’s budget.
  • Crazy camera trick takes the Hitchcock zoom to a whole new LSD level – crazy effect if you happen to have a slit camera in your arsenal. Worth seeing just for the eye candy if you don’t.
  • DIY Camera Cart – worthwhile project if you’re going to be somewhere on set for a while.
  • Ode to (21st Century) Cinematographers – more eye candy.
  • Premiere Pro Techniques (CS6 & above) – I just stumbled on these great tutorials from Andrew Devis. Well worth your time if you’re in need of a little schooling.
  • The Art of Color-Correction – good presentation to have bookmarked so you can send to lay-people who ask too many questions.

  • Finally a video from Film Riot and Adobe showing that Adobe gets how to use a popular webshow to promote their brand without braking the show in the process (BTS):

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