INTEL “LOOK INSIDE” JACK ANDRAKA. from Dana Shaw on Vimeo.

Exactly how much story can you tell in 2 minutes? Surely it’s not enough time for time-shifted, instead of telling a simple, linear, story. Due to the time constraints you’ll have to resort to telling, not showing won’t you?

… this short from Intel’s “Look Inside” proves everything you think you know about short-form story-telling wrong. In two minutes it tells a complex story, plays with time, engages you emotionally and has amazing visuals. In fact, the majority of the story is told in 1 minute 35 seconds; the rest is Intel branding and wrapped around some supporting text and figures. It proves that you don’t have to dumb-down the message, or your approach, just to fit in the time available. If you can tell stories like this, 2 minutes is plenty of time.

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