Even if you’re only vaguely interested in User Experience design or Interaction design you’ve probably already seen “Connecting”. At the end of 2012 it went viral in the UX niche. It is a short, well crafted, visually appealing documentary about the current state of Interaction design and its future. It has that objective aesthetic typical of many documentaries but it was made Basset & Partners who work, in part, this field.

What a great way to get your name associated with quality and expertise in your field. I am not a UX professional but I found the video really interesting – interesting enough that I followed up to find out who Bassett & Partners are and what they do. What a great way to get mindshare. I’m sure this documentary was expensive to make (it looks expensive at least) and you wouldn’t use it as your primary marketing strategy (it’s much too subtle for that) but I would jump at the chance to work on something similar for any progressive company. It’s worth thinking about how you could incorporate something similar into your companies portfolio especially if you are looking to establish yourself as your industry’s experts or innovators.

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