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Surface Pro 3 as Creative Tool (part 1): Introduction

I was at Adobe Max this year when  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came on stage to talk about the Surface Pro 3 and their deepening collaboration with Adobe. His speech featured this video:

Although a lot of the applications and features showcased in the video were prototypes I, like many others in the room, was just starting to think that maybe I should look into a Surface device when Nadella announced that everyone in the room was getting a Surface Pro 3 to take home. It took a couple of seconds to sink in and then the room went nuts. It was like a geeky version of Oprah’s car give away: “You’re getting a Surface, and you’re getting a surface. We’re all getting a Surface!”

This wasn’t the first time this year that Microsoft has given away thousands of these machines to get them in the hands of influencers and out on the street: they’ve given them to journalists, analysts and techies but this was the first time they’d targeted creatives. It’s a pretty bold move on their part because the creative field has long been dominated by Apple. I’d guess that 9 out of 10 laptops I saw at Adobe Max were MacBooks and, at work, where I prefer to use a windows desktop, I am the anomaly. Microsoft want this to be a machine that’s all things to all men. They want it to be accepted in the corporate world as well as on university campuses, worldwide, coffee shops and in creatives’s designer messenger bags. They also want it to replace both your iPad and your MacBook Air and their TV ads are challenging the Macbook Air’s dominance in the ultrabook category. Click for more

Adobe MAX 2013: A Newbie’s Perspective

The type of conferences I usually get sent to for work can be more of a chore than anything else, not least because I’m usually working and not an attendee.  So it was much anticipation that I attended Adobe MAX this week (6-8 May, 2013) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Billing itself as the “Creativity Conference”, I, along with 5,000 other designers, developers, video, film and industry leaders, went along hoping for plenty of inspiration and I was not disappointed.

The first keynote was the more corporate of the two keynotes, giving Adobe a platform to showcase their new products and announce their direction for the coming year. As a newbie to this conference I was told that there had been a focus on developers at MAX in the past but this year the focus seemed much more on creatives. Few of the announcements seemed to be geared towards developer’s tools or code with a majority of the time devoted to the Creative Cloud.

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