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What to Tell Your Subject Before they get to the Testimonial Shoot

The experience your subjects have with previous video production will vary tremendously. Some executives and marketing professionals are used to being in front of a camera regularly and will be old hands but more junior, or more technical members of staff, may not have much experience and will need some coaching. There are pros and cons to each extreme of on-camera experience. Old-hands are more comfortable in front of the camera but they can fall back on a learned ‘script’ which can come across as disingenuous. Video virgins can be nervous on-camera and can take more care and time to get to say what you want clearly but they may come across as more genuine and relatable. If possible we always try to have a pre-interview call with the subject which helps us judge the subject’s experience and personality. The pre-interview meeting also helps to relax the subject so we can put their fears to rest, answer any logistical questions and demonstrate our professionalism. Click for more