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Meet Your Peers: HP

As of 7/Aug/2018 HP has 109,371 subscribers.

In 2015 Hewlett-Packard split into two companies: HPE (Enterprise) and HPQ (HP Inc.) HPQ is the side that owns the hardware (laptops, printers, etc.). While the YouTube channel isn’t explicit we can assume this is the channel for HPQ as these videos are focused on selling hardware.

Their most viewed video, Phones on Drones Used to Hack Wireless Printers, has more than 6 million views but only 18 likes (22 dislikes) and 10 comments, all of which seem to point out how unrealistic and unverified HP’s claim is.

Their second most viewed video is an ad for their products aimed at the education market. Their third most viewed is an ad for ink cartridges.

HP’s channel is populated with various agency made adverts and customer testimonials. My favorite video on HP’s channel is Brothers. It’s an advert for a laptop but it’s about two brothers, one deaf, connecting through creativity and music. It’s beautiful and genuinely touching and the laptop plays just a bit role in the piece. It currently has 137,000+ views but deserves more and the comments show viewers were genuinely impressed. Did it sell HP laptops? That kind of data you can’t divine from superficial, public YouTube stats but it did entertain and move viewers at the very least.

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